The youngest student Ambassador of the project "Learn - Think - Act" for Climate Change and Biodiversity" (2020). The project was funded by the YSEALI program, U.S Embassy in Hanoi, and implemented by ACCB (Action for Climate Change and Biodiversity)


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I am honor to receive a letter from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - the head of the Canadian government on my 9th birthday celebration. (April 28th 2023)
He spend his time to go through all of my plan, my projects and listen to my dreams. I'm so thankful for that.
I had a chance to greetings The honorable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, and the mayor of Riverview city Mr. Andrew Le blanc in our Lunar New Year Festival (Jan 22nd, 2023). 
Mister Andrew made my dream come true today. The mayor gave me a sticker of honor at the end of the festival.


My name is NGUYỄN THẾ BẢO (Henry Nguyen). I was born in April, 2014

My mother told me that I began my journey and mission in life in April, the month of mother nature and earth holidays. 

I loved animals from an early age and was very delicate. My parents couldn't explain to me why I was vegetarian until I was 6 years old.

History and science are two of my greatest passions. I have a constant need to know why and how, which sometimes annoys my parents and teachers.

I am currently 8 years old, and I have clearly defined my dream for the future. By spreading positive things in the community, I aim to contribute to the sustainable development of our society. I have always had a serious interest in becoming a politician in the future.

Thank you for visiting my profile to learn more about me. Here are the journeys where I left my little footprints :)

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I was motivated to carry out this project because of the fateful meeting I had with the mayor of Riverview City. My decision to conduct a project against climate change, with the theme of fighting food waste, was influenced by being listened to and encouraged.

The goal of this project is to convey a clear message to the community about the importance of food waste, and the serious consequences it brings. In addition, it will raise people's awareness of environmental protection. Contributing to this place's sustainable development.

Also, I design games with the theme of saving the planet. Students are required to clean a riverview city with realistic landmarks in the game. Hopefully, these activities will instill a better sense of environmental awareness and love in the children.
The experience of working with Sebastian (Director) and Patrick (Public Education Coordinator) of Eco 360 today has been an honor for me.

Looking forward to launching my education game in the future with your help.


In my everyday life, I love to create things that happen. Designing images and videos is a way for me to store the information I learn, as well as reflect my interests. Let's take a look at some of my samples.







During my school days, I used Canva to design photos and presentations.

Through 3D paint, I create my imagination world and make it lively throughout the video.
Transforming ideas into reality with technology is a good idea. This is great.
Having aspired to be a politician in the future, I understand how important story-telling is. I won third place in the storytelling contest when I participated. 
Most kids like to play games, but I like to learn how to design games, write code to create effects, and design my own space.

Nature is my favorite thing, and recycling is essential, as my mother and I love sorting waste together.

Change Maker Project - Macmillan Education

These are my contribution to the community world wide. I hop you'll like it. 
Please find here
Here I am receiving my certificate as the project's youngest ambassador.
I created two media videos in this project to encourage people not to waste food and to protect the environment.
At the project closing meeting, I received the Certificate along with Dr. Thuy NGUYEN (Founder of ACCB) and a representative from the US Embassy.

AMBASSADOR - ACCB (Action for Climate Change and Biodiversity)

In 2020, ACCB received micro-grant funds from Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI), US Embassy for the Learn-Think-Act for Climate Change and Biodiversity project,  to raise awareness among students on six topics. Plastic waste, food waste, clothing waste, energy waste, and smart technologies to combat climate change. Upon completion of the project, the students will be student ambassadors to convey environmental protection messages to the community.
Actions for Climate Change and Biodiversity (ACCB) is a non-profit organization that connects communities to prevent climate change and biodiversity loss. In addition to accelerating progress toward achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs), this initiative focuses on goals 2, 13, 14, 15.
ACCB connects smart, talented, and enthusiastic people interested in protecting the environment with interested individuals and organizations to carry out activities related to environment.
Why did Henry want to become a student Ambassador? Let's check out this video 
 At KEH, we want to provide useful and valuable knowledge for everyone. We want to spread the love of nature and the environment and be a place where people can interact and grow. 

As part of the project, knowledge about climate change and biodiversity will be gathered, stored, and spread throughout the community. Generations of young people will use these insights to develop meaningful activities to restore the earth. Over 100 English books and a small amount of funding have been donated to the project by the Vietnam Book Drive Project, Vietnam Book Drive for Kids. Volunteers in the project can use them to build products they can share widely.
The program is organized by the non-profit organization ACCB and the Young Southeast Asian Young Leaders Initiative, and sponsored by the US Embassy.

Climate change & Biodiversity - Knowledge & Education Hub (CCB - KEH)

In the CCB-KEH project, I reviewed two books about animals


This is my dreamhouse 
Burrito is one of my favorite for breakfast
Besides reading books and learning about science, I enjoy designing houses, cooking, doing science experiments and playing quizzes with my mom in my spare time.
Funny quiz about dinosaur
Light refraction experiment

You can visit my youtube here

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Mobile (my Mom) +1 647 897 2358 

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