CAD software for Vietnamese engineer

Perpetual license, familiar interface, compatible with international CAD format, ACAD alternative, hardware optimization, ...
enjiCAD not only can completely replace ACAD but also

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enjiCAD is a specialized CAD software for Vietnamese engineers and companies. Pay once, use forever.
enjiCAD perpetual license price is substantial lower than other popular subcription CAD softwares price.

Higher performance with lower cost

Saving cost is a highlight advantage of enjiCAD. Having a lower price but enjiCAD's quality is equal to other costly CAD softwares.

enjiCAD interface and features are similar to other popular CAD softwares. You don't have to re-familiarize yourself but be able to master enjiCAD immediately.

Familiar interface

enjiCAD is fully compatible with all popular file formats (*.DWG, *.DXF,...)

International formats

Low hardware configuration requirements

Operating system: Windows XP and up
RAM: 32 bit - 1GB (more than 3GB  recommended)
      64 bit - 2GB (more than 4GB  recommended)
Display: 1024x768 VGA  and up
Hard disk: 1GB (3GB and up recommended)

By replacing ACAD - Standalone version with enjiCAD Standalone version, same license quantity, you will save up to 85% cost.

Cost comparison

Standalone vs standalone

By replacing ACAD - Network version with enjiCAD Network version, same license quantity,  you will save up to 87% cost.

Network vs Network

Standalone vs Network

By replacing 50 ACAD Standalone licenses with 100 enjiCAD Network license, you will save up to 88% cost.

Features comparison

Perpetual license

Support low-end computer

Use programming language (LISP / ARX / .NET / VBA)
Compare drawings and figures

International standards file formats (.dwg/.dxf….)

Ribbon/Classic interface

Support font formats .shx and .ttf

Auto Layer feature

Batch Print feature 

Automatically clean drawings



Perpetual License

Drawing, Editing and Printing

 Standalone or Network license

Extensive Tool Kit

Advanced Tool Kit

Omni-Channel Real Time SLA

Programming Language (LISP/ARX/.NET/VBA)

3D Drawing and Dynamic Block Creation Feature

* Standalone version: For only 1 PC. Deactivation is required when transferring licenses.

** Network version: Allows clients to install enjiCAD on unlimited number of PCs. Maximum applications running simultaneously is limited to number of license purchased. Need to buy at least 5 licenses.

*** The software price varies depending on the software option (Standard, Pro, Mechanical,...) , version (Standalone, Network), quantity, ...

****  The price includes tax (according to Vietnam laws, software is not subject to tax)

Only from



Free trial

enjiCAD Education

enjiCAD Education is a free version for students, lecturers as well as universities, colleges, intermediate schools and other training organizations to create the best teaching, learning and research efficiency with copyrighted CAD software.

Students, Lecturers can register to receive a license to use enjiCAD Education software by registering here. If you are a Student, your license will be issued annually until you graduate.


Universities, Colleges, Intermediate Schools and Education Organizations can register to use enjiCAD Education software for training and research purposes. After your school registers, we will contact you to complete the cooperation procedures.

Education Organizations

*Note: Education licenses are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes or any other for-profit purposes



Why does CAD software for Vietnamese engineers not use Vietnamese interfaces?

Vietnamese engineers are familiar with CAD software in English interface. Moreover, Using English technical terms will prevent unnecessary confusions.


Is enjiCAD perpetual license?

Yes, enjiCAD license is a perpetual license.






How can I get the quote?

You can consult our selling prices directly on this page.
If you need a detailed quote please leave your information or contact us directly.


What is the relationship between enjiCAD and AutoCAD?


enjiCAD and AutoCAD have various similar functions but completely unrelated. enjiCAD is developed as a comprehensive alternative by adding compatibility for .dwg or .dxf data and functionality with AutoCAD.


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